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Eyelash Extensions are a semi permanent service that glues a synthetic lash to your natural lashes enhancing your natural beauty. There are many different types, styles, and even curls that you can choose from to give you a custom look suited perfectly for you. You will need to come in every 2-3 weeks for a maintenance refill to keep them full and gorgeous. Disclaimer: They are very addictive and make life so much easier especially in the mornings getting ready.

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Classic Lash Extensions Full Set . $120

Semi Permanent one to one lash extensions. Meant to enhance your natural lashes making them darker and longer also with your choice of curly or less curly and the style you desire.

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Peek-A-Boo Lash Extensions Full Set . $125

Calling all of my classic lash lovers who are curious about volumes but don't want to add "too much" or become overwhelmed but would still like to test the volume waters. THIS is the perfect service for you.

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Hybrid Lash Extensions Full Set . $130

Semi Permanent mixture of classic and volume lashes. A great option for anyone who loves volumes but wants those one to one classics mixed in. OR for my babes who love their spikey volume looks.

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Volume Lash Extension Full Set . $150

Semi Permanent volume lashes, ranging for clientele anywhere from someone who wants more than they are naturally blessed with to appear they have more lashes naturally, all the way to my girlies who love a good strip lash look.

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Mega Volume Handmade Lash Extensions Full Set . $170

Hand made lash extensions are a semi permanent volume lash where the fans are handmade with love. Our regular volume lashes are “premade” which means we purchase the fans already made and ready to go. The handmade process takes longer and even looks fuller which is why it is our most expensive yet sought after service. Each set is unique and customized. Trust me when i say my babes who love strip lashes will not be disappointed.

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Per company policy we require a 50% deposit to make an appointment. We do apologize to our clients who have never missed an appointment that might find this inconvenient.