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Thing You Need To Know

After Care

This is the most important part about maintaining healthy lash extensions! Please help us by helping yourself in protecting your investment. When they say beauty is pain we say beauty costs money. The better you take care of your lashes the longer they will last. We have created this page to give you crystal clear instructions on what to do next.

The first 48 hours are the most important! Please avoid getting your lashes wet. (Sweating, Showers, Crying, Rain) This phase is called the "Bonding Time" and we ask you to take this very serious if you want those beautiful lashes to last. The lash glue needs this time to create a solid bond from the lash extensions to your real lashes. Now let's read this outloud! Ready? The first 48 hours are the most important part of maintaining a healthy set of lash extensions. Good job ladies.

Please keep in mind even exposing your lashes to humidity for a long period of time can tamper with the bond.

If you followed the instructions above then your lashes have now created a strong bond! You are now free to partake in your regular activities. As a lash babe it is still your responsibility to take care of your lashes if you want them to last. We highly recommend taking care of them just as you would take care of your hair.

Cleaning your lashes is easier than you think. Just like with anything, practice makes perfect and before you know it this will be like brushing your teeth in the morning. This process removes any oil, dirt, or build up that accumulates on your lashes. Oil and dirt are not our friends ladies! There is a common misconception that lash extensions destroy your natural lashes. Just like anything beauty related if you do not properly take care of them there is always a small possibility that minor damage can be done. CLEAN THOSE LASHES! These are more than just lash extensions - they are a personal investment. For the best demonstration on how to properly clean your lashes we recommend watching a few videos on Youtube.

We have taken it upon ourselves to develop a lash cleanser that is completely free of harsh chemicals. It is vegan and cruelty free which makes this ideal for my ladies who have sensitive skin. The ingredients that we use are the following. (Naturally rose scented flower water from Rosa Centifolia, Tea Tree Oil - which kills bacteria and fungus naturally, Distilled Water, Lauryl Betaine, Sodium PCA, Grape Seed Extract, Phenethyl Alcohol, and a few others!

Pre Booking is super important in landing you the appointment time you need and with the stylist you want. Please keep in mind some months are busier than others and it is our number one priority to give everyone equal love and attention. Pre booking your appointment grants you a guaranteed opportunity to get your service done with us.There are multiple ways to do this. (Our website, Phone, or In-Person.)

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Lash Extension After Care

Most Important Steps

For best results, keep your new lashes dry for 48 hours. This includes water, tears, sweat, and humidity.  This allows the lash glue to completely bond and give you the best retention possible for your lashes. This will also play a part in the kind of refill you have to book.

Do not use oil-based products of any kind on or near your eyes. You should avoid touching your lashes directly, and we recommend sleeping on your side or back, not face down. Sleeping on your face can cause premature lash loss and potentially cause your lashes to be sore. Don’t worry there are tons of benefits to sleeping on your back besides just your lashes.

48 hours after your appointment you will need to cleanse your lashes with an oil free cleanser. Our lids naturally produce oil and our lashes act almost like a net and catch a lot of the oils and dirt from our day. Cleansing the lashes ensures you can avoid lash build up and make your lashes last LONGER.

Lightly Brush your lashes daily if you can or if any seem like they are turning or are out of place.

Per company policy we require a 50% deposit to make an appointment. We do apologize to our clients who have never missed an appointment that might find this inconvenient.